So Sorry to Hear About the Sun and Sand and Sangria

Dear Joe,

The masks people wear! I would never have thought Neddy capable of so much deceit. Are you sure? There can’t be some other logical explanation?

Anyway, I’m so very sorry to hear about the too much sun and too much sand and too much sangria. Like you said, it probably went to his head. What I can’t figure is what made you check his cellphone. You’ve never been the jealous type.

I know what you mean about that shock and disbelief when you first discover these things. The timeworn thoughts that run through your head. “How could this happen to me? How come I didn’t see it sooner?” Except they’re not timeworn when they’re happening to you for the first time. Again, Joe, I’m really sorry.

Forgive me though for asking the question, but where were you when this happened? Since you’re on a small island, sharing a studio apartment, weren’t you always elbow to elbow?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I still think you should talk to him about it. There has to be another explanation. It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just … well … I know you guys.

Does this mean you’re cutting the sabbatical short? You didn’t say. Will your orchids soon have you to tend to them? I’ve been watering them the way you showed me, but a couple of leaves on the purple one are turning yellow. 😦

I know this is hardly comforting to you in this situation, but I’ll be glad to see you and so will your orchids.



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