Christopher’s Homework for Informatica


This post is from the archives–Chris wrote it in 2013–ages ago.

“I saw this graffiti in Corso Garibaldi. It called out to me. I liked the colors, the crazy expressions. The wide mouths and funny teeth. I liked it especially because one of the guys (in yellow, on the right) has my nickname, “Cri,” written in his glasses. “Cri” and then “Si”. Cri + Si  can be taken to mean: Cri YESSS!!! or Crisis.

I prefer to think it’s the former and not the latter.

This is more fun than doing my html homework for Informatica.”

Ho visto questo graffito in Corso Garibaldi, mi e’ piaciuto e quindi ho fatto la foto. Non ho voglia di fare i compiti di Informatica.

E’ più bello scrivere su WordPress.



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