Did you hear about Sofi?

“Did you hear about Sofi?” the redhead asked, her hands flapping.

“Incredible,” said the blonde. “With Marcella’s husband!”

I watched and listened, my finger on the camera button, snapping from the shadows. I didn’t know Sofi–who had been caught in bed with Marcella’s husband–nor did I know Marcella, the husband, the blond on the bicycle or the gesticulating redhead. It didn’t matter. The urgency in their voices. The grimaces and clucking. The pursed lips and shaking heads. I was hooked.

They didn’t see me and my camera. They had no idea they might end up here. What would they do if they knew we’re eavesdropping on their conversation the same way they snooped on Sofi?

5 thoughts on “Did you hear about Sofi?

  1. Ciao,
    I found you totally by chance underneath my answer on the Smart & Pretty’s blog. I clicked on your name by curiosity and I learned you write on Italian subjects. I am Italian expatriated to California. I am a designer and book author. I like what you write about and will follow you, grazie. Ciao.

    1. Valentina,
      Che bello anche per me! How is life in California? I’ve checked out your blog, about Italian design, and love what I see.

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