Remember When We Gathered Olives Here?

Dear M–

Last fall, the nets were spread to catch the fruit and we gathered them up and shook their contents into sacks. Then down the hill to the press we went. There we bottled up several casks of oil that tasted of steep hills and generous light and Mediterranean breezes–remember? That oil lasted through to Easter. Now it’s gone, but fall’s approaching. The hot and humid days are shortening, the small buds under the silvery green leaves have prospered. In a short while we’ll unfurl the nets, catch fat black fruit and press it into golden oil again.



7 thoughts on “Remember When We Gathered Olives Here?

  1. I particularly love that the oil “tasted of steep hills and generous light.” Just beautiful. (Thought I would tell you because I always like knowing the details. 😉

    1. Thanks Riba! So glad you liked the photos and the writing. The hillside was amazing, and soon after I took the shots a storm moved in.

      1. That must have made these images, filled with light, even more precious–once the storm changed everything. That slice, preserved, of the moment that is almost gone already. 🙂

    1. Yes! Which is why we like to use up the oil before the next harvest! This year, it lasted only until Easter. Sometimes, depending on how much we make, it lasts a little longer. We haven’t graduated to making wine yet. Have you ever?
      Thanks for the Award, Valentina. I do appreciate it!

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