Neighbors, Cape Town, South Africa

Neighbors in Cape Town, South Africa.

On the plane to South Africa—a night flight—we wondered as we flew over the sleeping continent below. What unexpected things would we find in a place where constellations are unfamiliar, the seasons switched, foods like springbok and biltong grace menus, man-eating sharks cruise bays, penguins waddle along beaches and townships still teem and thrive?

See my photo essay at Numéro Cinq for an answer.

12 thoughts on “Neighbors, Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this photo, Natalia, and the cropped image on the photo essay page—“Neighbors,” indeed, with the potted plant shared between them. And the colors! Of course, I want to live there. 😉

    I loved all of the images on the photo essay page—maybe especially the one of the houses on the hill. I had no idea Cape Town looked like this, with these colors. Now I need to go there, too, one day.

    Thank you! Beautiful work.

      1. It is clearly an affluent area. Maybe that is part of what I wasn’t expecting. But the color and the amazing light made me want to be there in person.

  2. This is a great post on, not many people take the visual approach.
    Personally never managed to get to Bo kaap… and it’s definitely something I would like to check out next time I am there.

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