EPIDERMIS: Twitterature in 16 Tweets for International Women’s Day

Here’s the link to “EPIDERMIS;” my Twitter short story in 16 tweets and here are images of the story:

Is Twitterature a gimmick with no artistic value? Or is it a new medium that offers new possibilities and avenues for creativity?

While many believe that Twitterature isn’t serious, worthy of much attention, I would argue that it is, indeed, a worthy pursuit.

Twitter stories require craft, skill, imagination. They offer more than just a series of 140-character lines of language.

  1.  No matter how brief, Twitter stories follow narrative arcs with beginnings, middles and ends and hint at worlds that lay underneath the surface.
  2. They rely on figurative language and employ literary devices. Metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration abound. Paradox and irony are employed and can even be heightened with hashtags.
  3. In longer Twitter stories, authors must contend with questions relating to line breaks.
  4. Moreover, Twitter permits author and follower/audience to interact and even to participate in storytelling with messaging back and forth.
  5. When tweets are tweeted at intervals, this type of literature also builds suspense, increasing readers’ enjoyment.

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