A Wedding in Istanbul

On our way to the palace one Saturday evening, not too long ago.
Entering the palace, giving our names, soon on our way to the fabulous gardens.
Bridesmaids waiting (not my photo).
Admiring the setting before the celebration.
It poured in the morning, but the skies cleared and turned gold, then pink.
A handsome attendee (and my better half).
Overlooking the Bosphorus.
Pre-event cocktails.
One of the evening’s many unofficial photographers…(yours truly).
Silver and Golds — some are “new” and some are “old”.
More posing and preening while waiting.
The main event.
I pirated this pretty photo from social media. Not sure who the photographer is! Give a shout out if you know! Note the drone overhead.
Mr. & Mrs. (another “borrowed” photo).
Can they ever dance!
When in Turkey, cut the cake with a saber.
Party underway–full swing.
Dearest L, in from Paris, on a starry night.
Silver and Gold, again, with props.
The next day (not too early)….
After some light fare….
On our way to the Hagia Sofia.
Navigating the crowds.
Once inside: golden haloes and,
divine calligraphy.
Later, at the pool.
And relaxed after the Hammam.
All packed up.

5 thoughts on “A Wedding in Istanbul

      1. I’m doing okay, Natalia. Thanks for asking. Decided I may be almost to the mountaintop and looking forward to reaching it and to the downhill side. 😉

        How are you doing??!?

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