Gauteng and the Cape: Encountering South Africa*

Girl, Landudno Beach, Cape Peninsula


* This photo essay first appeared in the online literary magazine, Numéro Cinq (June 18 & 25th 2012 issue), and is reprinted here with permission.


Last Easter I traveled with my two sons to visit the fourth member of our nuclear family—my husband, their father—who has been assigned responsibility for his company’s Johannesburg office. It was our first trip there. On the plane—a night flight—we wondered as we flew over the sleeping continent. What unexpected things would we find in a place where constellations are unfamiliar, the seasons switched, foods like springbok and biltong grace menus, man-eating sharks cruise bays, penguins waddle along southern beaches and townships still teem and thrive?

Here are the answers to some of our questions:


Neighbors, Bo Kaap, Cape Town

Neighbors, Soweto, Johannesburg

Near Regina Mundi, Johannesburg

Art on the Green, Cape Town

Art in Soweto, Johannesburg

Below Table Mountain, Cape Town

Near the Abandoned Gold Mines, Johannesburg

Safari, Gauteng Province

Penguin Safari, Western Cape

Guarded Compound, Johannesburg

Villas on Landudno beach, Cape Peninsula

Girl, Pretoria

Girls, Johannesburg

Ladies at the Zoo, Pretoria

Family, Landudno beach, Cape Peninsula

Monument to the 1976 Uprising, Soweto, Johannesburg

Prison, Robben Island, Cape Town

Apartheid Museum, Gold Rush City

Governmental Buildings, Pretoria

View from Cape Point

Near Sandton, Gauteng Province

Cape of Good Hope

–text and photos by Natalia Sarkissian



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