How to Have Fun in Milan in 2013


Wait for a sunny day. But if said sunny day doesn’t materialize, grab camera bag even though clouds threaten. Call friends. Plan to head downtown. Decide to drive car. It’s a Sunday, a day promising rain. You’ll be sure to find plenty of place to park.

On the corner of Melchiorre Gioia park illegally as you have spied no legal spots during a 20-minute mad-search frenzy and are now late. Meet up with (annoyed) friends who have been cooling their heels waiting.

Head west in a tight knot. Encumbered with lenses, cameras, iPads and iPhones, your equipment clinks as you all navigate the narrow sidewalk.

Wind around the skyscrapers that have sprouted up overnight—the glass and steel monoliths near Garibaldi Station—shooting. Note others doing the same.

Comment that Milan is the new New York.

Sit on a lily-pad/bench under lotus-flowers/lightposts on an island in the middle of fountains. Don’t talk. In companionable silence, check your spoils, see who got the best shot.

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