“The little closed cabin of this perfect vehicle [the Venetian boat, the gondola], the movement, the darkness and the plash, the indistinguishable swerves and twists, all the things you don’t see and all the things you do feel–each dim recognition and obscure arrest is a possible throb of your sense of being floated to your doom, even when the truth is simply and sociably that you are going out to tea.” — Henry James, Italian Hours, 1909.


Stay tuned for the June Issue of Numéro Cinq Magazine (coming soon!) where, in the words of the editor,

“the intrepid NC photographer/essayist Natalia Sarkissian braves what seems to be a monsoon in Venice to get us some unique and unforgettably damp images (Venice as you have never seen it!).”

This, and much much MORE!


8 thoughts on “Gondola

      1. I’m not surprised! Some day I suppose I might invest in an underwater camera and be able to walk around in storms or in the face of crashing waves with impunity. 🙂

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