Taste of Spring

Here’s proof that there are still some good things about spring, even now. Underneath are cantaloupe and asparagus. None local to Lombardy, but all rigorously Italian.

Camoni Tomatoes: like candy, from Sardinia;
Strawberries: pockets of juice, from Basilicata;
Tropea Onions: fragrance with a bite, from Tropea in Calabria;
Kiwi: luscious, from Agro Pontino in Lazio;
Broccoli: thick, firm, al dente, from Siracusa in Sicily;
Red Pepper: sweetened in the sun, from Battipaglia in Campania;
Asparagus: violet, from Albenga in Liguria;
Canteloupe: honeyed, from an unidentified greenhouse, also in Liguria.

Thank you to the sun, soil, wind, rain, moon. To the farmers. To the pickers, the packers, the truckers, the produce vendors, grocery store workers, from one end of the boot to the other.

Now we have spring, inside, since we can’t go out.

And, around the corner … summer.

#smallpleasuresarentsosmallanymore #everythingsinthekitchensink #earthlydelights

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