A (Legal) Walk in the Park in the time of Corona

Parco Lambro

It’s legal to be in the park today. It’s Day 1 of Phase 2.

Nick said, “when humans leave, Nature’s happy.”

Nature has flourished for the 2.5 months that the park has been off limits. Look at that green!

The hills and dales are pristine. No litter. No trash. No muck.

The birds know all about the resurgence.

Listen. Look up.

Turtle doves & nightingales, wood pigeons & booted warblers are singing.

Parrots are squawking. (A colony–escaped or abandoned pets?–has multiplied over the years.)

Over by the river: Ducks. Seagulls. Swans. Quacking, screeching, dozing in the sun.

A heron on its spindly legs fishes at the edges of a bog. Startled, it flaps its wings, big as umbrellas, and flies off.

Note the flowers.

The gaudy forsythia, crocus, cherry, apple, dogwood, have long bloomed. But still, there are flowers, they are more reluctant, less showy, a bit like you are today, on Day 1 of Phase 2, masked, gloved, vigilant but free to be out in the sun in the park, soaking up the green.

Tulip trees camouflage their blooms.

Pollen from the poplar hides the bellis perennis–those little wild daisies that are the first and the last to announce good weather.

In nooks, where the grass has grown long: you might have to dig for clover.

Tiglio–Linden–a scent like honey and apricot.

Lower your mask and inhale even if you’re near the Lambro River that bisects the park. Usually it’s odiferous–bubbling with waste from factories upriver. Don’t worry, today it’s safe. After 2.5 months of quarantine you’ll treat yourself to heavenly wafts of acacia and linden, no matter where you happen to be.

Cherish the thrill of green. Let it buoy you.

The old park, the park you have never appreciated–because it was close, because it was easy, because the river smelled and the crowded paths were dirty–this is the park that today, rejuvenated, has given you a gift, smack in the middle of the time of Corona.

3 thoughts on “A (Legal) Walk in the Park in the time of Corona

  1. Oh, marvelous, Natalia! These are beautiful. And it is such a delight to know you get to be out there enjoying “the old park” and its new life and the big gift of it. Thank you for this! 🙂

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