Dispatch 15: YOLO

You Only Live Once.

So, take a break.

Amble down to the village pond.

Spot a frog sunning on a pipe.

See him jump and settle underwater as you scamper near.

Jump in after. Dog paddle; that’s what you do.

Ripple the water, splash. Try to catch the frog. But quicker than you, a better swimmer, he escapes.

Wonder when he’ll come up for air.

Tired of waiting, mosey over to the tent where Christopher sleeps. The air is sweet with the smell of mint–seedlings that have been crushed underfoot. Find a soft clump of grass. Circle, circle, then settle. Listen to the wind in the branches, the cicadas in the field beyond. Head on paws, stretched out, sigh, then doze.

Revel in summer green.

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