Dispatch 16: Christmas in Milan in the time of Corona

Lots of bling in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, but not so many admirers this year. Christmas has been declared “red,” so you can only venture out to exercise. We ventured out on bikes.

Meanwhile, in front of the Duomo, a light show. Here too, just a few Milanesi out and about, masked, and bundled, stopping briefly to snap the tree as it changed from green to red to purple and white. A child whooped, joy is still to be had here, if in fleeting doses.

It was cold on our bikes, and our fingers froze in spite of our gloves. McDonald’s was open–we could have gone in for a coffee. Instead, we decided to keep our distance and hurried home for a hot tea. Tonight it’s supposed to snow.

4 thoughts on “Dispatch 16: Christmas in Milan in the time of Corona

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks for dropping in. We’re fine, in spite of the uptick. I guess you’re doing well yourself? I hope so! Have a wonderful New Year. See you around these here parts.

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