Desktop Traveler

I’ve become a stay-at-home, desktop traveler.

When my iPhone coughs up…

featured photos from another era, I’m off,

remembering what it was like to really go.

Back then, pre-pandemic, you packed stuff before you rushed headlong toward adventure.

Sandwiches and sunscreen, towels and mats: lighthearted baggage, with the idea that fun was on the horizon.

So different from today when, even walking the dog, you must protect yourself.
I always carry mask, gel, wipes and brandish them when someone breaches my social distancing space.

My surgical mask is a bellows, inflating and deflating, fogging my glasses with the effort of being ambulatory whether at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or at Parco Lambro.

But she’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Desktop Traveler

  1. When I travel in my head I’m going to see my scattered children. I see their welcoming smiles and sometimes even feel their arms around me. I walk through their homes, placing rooms and favorite chairs and focusing once again on the paintings on the walls. I smell wonderful foods and enjoy the colors of the plates and cups. I hug them again and again and feel warm and content.

    Then I blink and I am home alone and far away.

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